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In my own career, as a nutritionist and a CNS mentor, I often find what looks good on paper does not always feel good in my body or align with who I am.  I aim to balance my head and my heart as I engage as a business owner & mentor.  I recommend doing a combination of goal setting and soul connection to find your way through the Supervised Practice Experience (CNS SPE).


Bring your heart

What gets you up in the morning?

What juices you?

Why did you start this journey?

What personal inspiration moved you to take this career path?

Reconnect to your passion & take time to listen to your inner motives, goals, inner voice.


  • Keeping a journal

  • Meditating

  • Making a vision board

  • Having an accountability partner

Bring your head

What are your growth edges right now? aka what do you love doing and what is a stretch for you?

What are your priorities?  money, time, variety of experiences, depth of learning, business building, variety and depth of clinical practice

Set smart goals for your business that align with your priorities. For instance if making money is a high priority, set goals for # of new clients each week or month.  Or if 


  • Leaning into your growth edges

  • Time blocking the less desirable activities.

  • Commit to giving talks before you FEEL ready

  • Making a list of the areas where you are procrastinating

Hi, I am Rebecca Snow of the Nutrition and Herbal Collective.  I am a CNS Supervisor, Mentor, Herbalist, Nutritionist and Owner of the Nutrition and Herbal Collective.  We help nutritionists launch their business, pass the CNS exam, complete their certified nutrition specialist (CNS) requirements while building thriving practices in the field.


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