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Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Studying for the CNS exam can be very stress-inducing. It’s hard to know what to study or where to start. There are an endless number of resources available to those that are undertaking the exam. But which resources do you focus on?

This has been a question for ages. When I took the exam several years ago, I felt the same way. Where do I even begin?!

There are a dozen or so companies that provide sample tests to take. There are flashcards available that have been put together by past individuals that have taken the exam themselves. There’s the “drive” that most people are aware of. This “drive” is a Google drive that was created in 2015 and has grown since. It’s the most disorganized thing I’ve seen! (Note: I do point individuals to the drive in our test prep course but I point them to very specific lectures and not just the drive.)

And then there’s the CNS primer. It’s obsolete but so many people continue to reference it because, at the very least, it gives you a place to start so you don’t feel so lost. I get it! But, without using the primer, where do you start?

This is the question, isn’t it? Aside from my absolute favorite resource - The CNS Prep Course (I might be HIGHLY biased on this resource) - I have a few others that I recommend as well.

Here are my three (3) favorite resources that I recommend when starting to study for the CNS exam:

  • Burgerstein’s Handbook for Nutrition

  • Medical Nutrition & Disease - A Case-Based Approach

  •’s daily CNS question

If you don’t have these items, I recommend that you grab them! You can find Burgerstein’s book online for free to purchase a used copy on Amazon (I like to have the actual text). You can also pick up a used copy of the MN&D text as well. And the test prep question is FREE!

So…what was or is your favorite CNS study resource?

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