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Here is another free resource for you as you study for the CNS test. The best studying happens when you see clients. For every client you see, look up the generic name of their medication. Identify drug-nutrient depletions on the Natural Medicines Database and identify drug-herbal interactions on this database too. Each time you do this for a client you will be practicing rote memorization.

In this video we discuss various types of Herb-drug Interactions

Pharmacokinetic - An herb impacts how a drug is metabolized, distributed or digested

Pharmacodynamic - Herbs and drugs may interact based on how they act on the body

  • Additive - the drug and the herb have the same effects,i.e. They are both hypotensive

  • Synergistic - the herb drug interaction is beneficial to the action of the herb and drug and the health of the patient

  • Antagonistic - the herb and drug have the opposite effect i.e. taking an herb that increases stomach acid while on a PPI (proton pump inhibitor)

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