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Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Why work smarter not harder? Outside of the obvious reasons, I want more rest, work/life balance, and continued work motivation.

I’ve got a quick tip on working smarter NOT harder, and no I am not talking about time blocking, working on a single task, taking breaks, scheduling based on energy levels. I love these tools but I want to show you how I am using AI ChatGPT in clinical practice.

There is certainly controversy around using this tool. It’s important we use it consciously and appropriately. I do not recommend using this to create MNT protocols, for assessing or interpreting lab values, to write blogs/handouts/education materials for you. ChatGPT does not and cannot provide references. In a recent Practice Building Workshop, Sunny described all the ways ChatGPT can be used in marketing.

Three ways I am using ChatGPT

  1. Macros/what is my client eating?

  2. Recipes - what can I make with these 5 ingredients?

  3. Simple meal ideas for therapeutic diet


One of the foundational elements of nutrition that I educate on is blood sugar regulation. There are many times in a session that a client tells me what they are eating and I want to know (mostly for my knowledge) how many calories, protein, carbs, etc the client is consuming and how might that be impacting their blood sugar regulation? I want to know this information as quickly as possible so I can keep momentum in the conversation and make adjustments in real time. In this scenario, using MyFitnessPal OR Cronometer is too slow. Using ChatGPT saves me time in follow up/recommendations.

Example 1: A client tells me their morning smoothie is a banana, handful of pineapple, 1c almond milk, 2tbsp almond butter, handful of spinach for breakfast. I prompt this to ChatGPT and get caloric and macro ranges. This gives me enough information in the session to adjust the smoothies ingredients to include more protein.

Example 2: My OA/FA clients come to me for meal plans, some weigh and measure others don’t. Once I create their meal plan I add it to ChatGPT to get a sense of calories and macros in the meal plan. I do not use ChatGPT for micronutrients! Use Cronometer for that!

Dinner Options

option 1 - 4oz chicken + 4oz cooked quinoa + 5oz cooked vegetables (broccoli) + use oil in cooking

option 2 - 3oz beef + 4oz cooked grain + 5oz vegetables (summer squashes) + use oil in cooking

option 3 - 4oz of salmon + 6oz cooked sweet potato + 5oz cooked veg + 1.0oz dressing

Recipes/Meal Ideas for Therapeutic Diets

I often work with clients that have complicated dietary needs like low histamine and AIP. Some clients on therapeutic diets are overwhelmed by a meal plan like TCL so I create simple meals plan for them.

I would prompt ChatGPT like this …

Send 5 breakfast options (no recipes) that are AIP and low fodmap

Send 3 snack options for AIP and low fodmap

Send 5 more breakfast options that are AIP and low fodmap friendly without butternut squash

In this way I use ChatGPT as inspiration, it is not without error! A reminder to always check your work before sending to a client! Can’t wait to hear how you are using this tool.


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