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Updated: Jun 5

Client retention is always a hot topic when it comes to business and income. As nutritionists or herbalists, we want to help people. But we also need to run a successful business in order to pay bills and make a living. It’s a tough spot to be in but most people understand the thought of exchanging time and knowledge for money. At the end of the day, this is what we do.

It’s easier (and cheaper from a marketing standpoint) to retain clients than it is to find new clients several times per month. Using packages is a great way to help with client retention.

It takes two primary things to promote your packages…honesty and transparency. If you stick to those, you’ll have no issues promoting your packages to your clients. As I mentioned in the video, I always conduct the initial consultation as a standalone appointment for my benefit and the client’s benefit.

But follow-up consultations are largely done through packages.

Here’s how it works:

  • Have a single follow-up consultation appointment cost but don’t advertise that you have this service - unless you have a client that truly only needs a few appointments

  • Have 2-3 package options ready and created to promote to your clients - ensure that you don’t have too many options as this becomes overwhelming when making a decision

  • Explain how the packages you have can help the client through their journey

  • Highlight which package option you think is going to be best for them…and why!

That “why” is important! We need to make sure that we’re connecting those dots for clients. Most people don’t have as much nutrition knowledge as you do. They don’t readily understand that taking Prilosec can lead to tingling in their hands and feet. You have to educate them!

Having set monthly income through client packages helps you to budget better and ensure that you have a steady income to pay for your operating expenses.

Let me know what questions you have!

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