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Updated: Jun 3

How to stay organized with CNS paperwork!

It seems simple. Log your hours. Then why does so many people procrastinate on it?

Procrastination has many causes. 


Fear of failure

Difficulty with time management 

It is human nature to delay doing things that are difficult and bring little enjoyment. Those mundane or slightly challenging tasks that are out of our normal routine.  The classic is TAXES.  

Why do today what you could put off for tomorrow?

I remember the first few years I did my mom’s taxes.  I put it off as long as possible.   The interesting thing is, the task is never as hard as I perceive it to be.  It gets heavier the longer I wait because it hangs over my head.  

But unlike doing our taxes, there is no TurboTax for CNS SPE paperwork!  We can’t hire out for this. We’re going to have to find it within ourselves to carve out time and make it happen.

Unlike doing our taxes, there’s no IRS out there to give us a financial penalty when we don’t turn it in. The only penalty for not doing your paperwork is that you don’t get your CNS.   You are your own boss and that’s a new phenomenon for most people doing their internship.

Here are my tips for staying on top of paperwork!

  1. You don’t need to be a big B boss to stay on track with your hours.  Be kind to yourself but set boundaries and give yourself deadlines.

  2.  Dig deeper around roadblocks.  Ask yourself why am I procrastinating on this? Maybe you are not yet familiar with Google sheets?  Maybe you don’t fully understand the categories, a direct, indirect observational?  Maybe you are unclear about what you can track?  

  3. Start with small goals – i.e. log your 1:1 supervisor meetings to start

  4. Allow yourself to make mistakes.  Realize if it’s worth doing it’s worth doing poorly.  Once you have a few things logged, you can get feedback from your supervisor.

  5. Make yourself a reward or punishment system. Put five dollars in a proverbial jar every time you spend two hours on your spreadsheet.  Treat yourself to something once you get to $100.

  6. Keep the SPE spreadsheet and hour tracker open on your computer and log hours as you go!

  7. Time block 2 hours a week to add hours to your tracker.  Keep hours logged on a sticky note or note on your computer and transfer once a week.

  8. Try out the app Toggl which is a fabulous hour tracking system.  Tracking hours with an app like Toggl you won’t “lose hours” by forgetting to track!!

  9. Track by item or by day (check out the video above).  Find the best system for you!

All of our interns are paired with an assigned CNS supervisor as a part of their CNS internship! Your assigned supervisor is an anchor for you through the Mentorship Program. Your assigned supervisor helps with goal setting, networking, accountability, niching, developing protocols for clients, and more.  They will help make sure you are meeting your goals and the SPE requirements.

Have questions?  We’ve got you! Check out our Frequently Asked Questions  about our personalized nutrition Mentorship Program and meeting the SPE requirements.


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