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Updated: Jun 4

The Nutrition Focused Physical Exam or NFPE is such a valuable tool. It can be useful to gather more data on your clients without running expensive testing. You can use it to validate other assessment parameters that may be unreliable when used alone.

In our Seasoned Practitioner course we do a deeper dive into this topic. For today I am going to show you thoughts on assessing two nutrients Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C.

Practicing NFPE requires an understanding of the role that nutrients play in physiology, and pathophysiology. Once you know that vitamin C is a cofactor for collagen formation then you can see what symptoms might point to a Vitamin C insufficiency.

In our CNS Test Prep course we advise all our interns and CNS candidates to make a micronutrient table to study the micros. In that table, identifying signs and symptoms of deficiencies and excesses is super helpful. I also recommend looking up images of medical terminology you are unfamiliar with. Aka Mees’ lines or leukonychia on the fingernails

Additional resources

The Seasoned Practitioner Course is a Functional Nutrition Training & Applied Practice experience.  As of 2024 it is offered exclusively to nutrition interns in our Mentorship Program and nutrition graduates of our program who completed 1 year of active participation.  CNS candidates can earn up to 160 applied practice hours toward their SPE requirements. Learn more about what we have to offer through our CNS internship.

Book a Strategy Call with Rebecca to learn more about personalized mentorship for nutrition students and nutrition graduates. 


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