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The Nutrition and Herbal Collective- The Prosperous Practitioner Formula
The Nutrition and Herbal Collective- The Prosperous Practitioner Formula

Well hey there! I know exactly why you’re here…


You’re here because you’re tired of spinning your wheels when it comes to building your nutrition practice and gaining an income you can thrive on. 


Tired of trying to gain new clients by doing all the things the blogs

, podcasts, and experts say…but nothing is working for you…

and it feels a little dirty to you, to be honest. 


You’re tired of seeing other practitioners build healthy practices

but you feel you’re struggling just to get new clients in the door. 


And you’re literally too tired and overwhelmed to figure out how

to get it all to work for you…


…too tired to figure out how to blog or even if you need to…

…too overwhelmed to write emails to your email list…

…too frustrated to even know what you do with your email list..

…too annoyed to post regularly on social media because

social media doesn’t seem to respond to you and it’s a

complete time suck…


And when you do get clients, you feel like a fraud because

you feel like you don’t have enough knowledge, expertise,

or experience to truly help them. 


You’re tired of throwing darts at the board to see which marketing effort is going to stick. 


You’re here because you’re looking for a better…easier way…to build a thriving nutrition practice. A way that’s going to actually work for you.


You know what you should be doing. You know what everyone says to do. 


But it doesn’t feel right for you…and you don’t know how to make it right for you. Or how to make it feel not so overwhelming.


You’re right! 


Let’s take a minute to picture what could be…imagine a few months from now…


  • Your marketing efforts are paying off and you feel good about what you’re doing

  • You’re signing up new clients every month and eventually need to go to a waitlist because you have too many to serve…or you’re bringing on contractors to support you

  • You have a set schedule where you’re planning and scheduling your marketing items so nothing happens at the last minute

  • You have clarity in your business, consistency in your practice, and confidence in your abilities as a practitioner!


These are all the things you can obtain through The Prosperous Practitioner Formula. 


Hold this image in your head for a minute…we’ll come back to it. 


Let’s have a serious chat for a minute. 


I know you’ve tried a lot of things to get your nutrition practice up and running. 


Some have worked better than others at bringing in new clients. 


Some have downright frustrated and angered you leaving you feeling lost and overwhelmed. 


You feel like no matter what you try, nothing really works long-term...and then you’re back at square one. Tired. Overwhelmed. Annoyed. Disappointed. 


You feel like you’ve lost time, money, and patience trying to wade through all of the information, blogs, and tips that have been suggested for you. 


All the while feeling like nothing is going to work for you…and you’ll be on the struggle bus for  your entire practice. 


You feel like throwing up your hands and saying... 




You want real direction, real guidance, real support, and real answers on how to build a nutrition practice that works for you. 

You want someone to guide you as you relearn how to trust your instinct...your gut...your intuition. 


You’ve come to the right place. 


But I need to make something clear: what I’m asking you to do will require hard work and dedication. 


It will require you to tap into your deep, hidden wells of strength and resilience. 


It will require you to develop razor-sharp instincts for picking up on what’s working for your business and for you. 


It will require you to temporarily sacrifice some of your comforts for the sake of setting up a sustainable, reliable system of marketing your nutrition practice and living a high-quality life. 


...feel like you’ve tried this before? 


You haven’t. 


The difference between what I’m offering and everything else you’ve tried is that you’ll be supported every step of the way.


You won’t have to wonder if what you’re doing is working. 


You won’t have to feel like you’ve been tossed a bunch of information and are left to “figure it out” yourself. 


And you DEFINITELY won’t have to compromise who you are in order to benefit from this approach. 


Are you ready to try something new? 


Once you learn how to gain clarity in your business, consistency in your marketing messages, and the confidence to serve those around you…your practice changes for the better!


Ready to make the one business decision this year that will transform your nutrition practice?



By the end of this 8-week course, you’ll 

😎 Gain the clarity you need to effectively market your nutrition

practice, and yourself, in a manner that doesn’t take all your time

and feels true to who you are as a person

😎 Achieve consistency in your practice so you don’t feel like you’re

spending every waking moment marketing yourself

😎 Understand how to overcome imposter syndrome and gain

the confidence you need to book client after client


But most importantly…


You’ll learn that you CAN build the nutrition practice you dreamt of!


Ready to dive in?


This exclusive course has been valued at

$1,297 because of its golden-ticket content: group coaching calls,

comprehensive tools, practical worksheets, and guides...each of these is costly on its own.




I’ve chosen to offer this course at a price that’s affordable to the struggling business owner…


This limited-time 8-week coaching course is offered at two pricing levels! 






These course bonuses will help you generate unstoppable momentum right until the end!

BONUS #1: Instant Access to a Group Chat


🌟Get all your marketing and business questions answered for the entire 8 weeks! You’ll be added to a group chat feed so you can learn from what others are doing and get your important questions answered to help you maintain focus and stay on track. 


BONUS #2: Groups Course Calls


🌟Everyone will have three (3) course calls throughout the course. They’ll be recorded so if you can’t attend live, you’ll be able to watch the recordings. Each group course call will briefly review what you’ve learned in the course and hit on various hot topics. And, of course, to help you overcome any struggles you’re having and help you gain the confidence from inside to be the business owner I know you can be! (**January-March 2023 course call dates: 2/9 @ 7 pm ET, 3/2 @ 7 pm ET, and 3/23 @ 7 pm ET**)


BONUS # 3: Comprehensive Worksheets to Keep You On Track


🌟By enrolling in this course, you’re making a huge investment in your business and quality of life. Make the most of your investment by using the course’s worksheets, handouts, and cheat sheets all throughout your journey - to make notes as you learn, set goals, implement what you’re learning, and determine your next steps in your business! 

BONUS #4: Bonus Module on Creating Passive Income

🌟Generating passive income is important in order to prevent practitioner burnout. In this bonus module, you'll learn about a variety of ways that you can create passive income so that you can reach your income goals without feeling burnt out by seeing 1:1 clients over and over and over again. More freedom in your schedule!!

The Nutrition and Herbal Collective- The Prosperous Practitioner Formula - Exhausted in Business.png
The Nutrition and Herbal Collective- The Prosperous Practitioner Formula
Confidence Consistency Clarity (1).png

The Prosperous Practitioner Formula:

Learn to market your services and gain new clients without feeling gross about your marketing efforts.

In this course, you’ll go from feeling overwhelmed and lost in your marketing efforts to a jam-packed calendar through clear and consistent marketing while ditching the imposter syndrome.  

Linnette Johnson, MS, MA, CNS, NBC-HWC, R.A.L.C., LDN
DCN Student

Before the course, I felt overwhelmed, frustrated, and like I was spinning my wheels without direction or understanding of how anything worked. I felt like I had puzzle pieces that didn't go together.


I chose the "All I could eat" program because I knew I needed a bit more than just the information because that's how I learn best. No matter which program someone chooses, either program would be a great help because the information was laid out efficiently, and complete understanding was provided through videos, worksheets, and more. This program clarified my niche and showed me that I had already chosen it. It opened my eyes to a bigger picture than what I was seeing. I was able to clarify my niche and the community I want to help and finalized some things that I never thought I could finalize.


The course also made me realize I needed to narrow things down about my outreach, that it's okay to be me without being perfect, and that some things are never done, like our websites. Since taking the course, I feel ready to move forward because I have the missing foundation or a clearer understanding of what my foundation should contain, like the niche and how the website should look. SEOs are in place, along with other tidbits I didn't even know about. I am still a work in progress and will probably always be, but I now have the tools to move forward and build a practice I have always wanted to build. I have the motivation now to batch my blogs, social media posts, newsletters, and so much more. I now feel like my puzzle pieces fit, and I look forward to putting everything into play now.


So appreciate everything Sunny provided and her patience too.

The Nutrition and Herbal Collective- The Prosperous Practitioner Formula

A La Carte

Registration opens June 17th
Program starts June 24th 2023


  • Access to the 8-week course containing 5 modules

  • 3x Group Course Calls

  • 24/7 access to a group chat feed

  • Course worksheets, handouts, and cheatsheets

  • Bonus Module on Passive Income




The Nutrition and Herbal Collective- The Prosperous Practitioner Formula

All You Can Eat

Registration opens June 17th
Program starts June 24th 2023


  • Access to the 8-week course containing 5 modules

  • 3x Group Course Calls

  • 24/7 access to a group chat feed

  • Course worksheets, handouts, and cheatsheets

  • Bonus Module on Passive Income

  • +++12 months of social media prompts

  • +++Weekly homework review


PP Registration

FAQ: Burning questions? I’ve got you covered! 

“I’ve tried so many things already...what makes this course different from things that haven’t worked for me?”  


Other courses and protocols, as info-packed and helpful as they can be, tend to send a lot of information your way and leave you with the responsibility of figuring out how to implement it. 


This course is specifically designed to be actionable, realistic, and sustainable. My goal is for you to finish the course already feeling a lot better, and confident about compounding on that progress. You’ll receive specific guidance, worksheets, practical step-by-step instructions, and tools to keep you headed in the right direction. You’ll be among a close-knit community of other practitioners with similar struggles, challenges, and goals, and you’ll feel heard, seen, understood, and motivated to continue to invest in your journey. 


“I struggle to find the time to commit to marketing

because my life is so busy. Is this course good for

someone with a hectic schedule?” 


I hear you. I know you have a lot of moving pieces in your

life, and you often don’t have the energy to study, read,

or do the work to focus on your marketing. 


Here’s the great news: this course can be consumed in

as little as 60 minutes a day. 


Imagine this:  the 60 minutes you currently spend trying

to reign in your marketing and understand why your efforts

aren’t working for you can instead be spent getting really consistent in your newfound strategies. Sound good? I think so, too.


Click here to invest in your practice right now! 


“But I can find everything you teach on the web for free?” 


Technically, yes. But the same argument can be made about nutrition. But you know that a practitioner is irreplaceable when it comes to navigating the noise and guiding clients on what will work for them. 


No doubt you’ve already Googled different marketing methods or done all the free things you can find. What are they lacking? Clarity on how it applies to you, consistency in all your efforts, and assistance in building the confidence I know you have inside you to be an excellent practitioner and business owner.  


I’ll be there guiding you every step of the way!


"I feel like I need more personal, individual support. Is there something else I can do to get the most out of my investment in this course?"


Yes! The All You Can Eat level of this course has exactly that. Not only do you get a special bonus of 12 months of social media prompts, but you also get to submit all your work…or anything business related for me to review. I’ll look over your worksheets, your website, your emails, or anything else that’s going on in your business each and every week. You submit them by Friday and I’ll have them back to you by the following Monday! You’ll get all the extra direction and support you desire! 


This is an exclusive, small group opportunity with limited spots (10 practitioners in total!) So if you're reading this, you're invited! This is your chance to be part of an intimate, life-changing level of The Prosperous Practitioner Formula course. 


Click here for more info and to grab your special spot. 




“Is there a refund policy?” 


There is no refund. I’m confident you won’t want one anyway! Due to the digital nature of this course, all sales are final. 

The Nutrition and Herbal Collective- The Prosperous Practitioner Formula
A letter from Sunny


“When I grow up, I want to be President so I can help all the sick people!” 


That was me, writing in my 3rd-grade journal. 


Hey, I’m Sunny Brigham, MBA, MS, CNS, LDN. I’m a Board-Certified Clinical and Integrative Nutritionist, a BCNS-approved supervisor, and a business coach. 


And I’ve been thinking about you a lot. 


In fact, I spend most of my day thinking about you.  


I’ve made it my life’s mission to help women exactly like you feel better by healing their bodies, their relationship with food, and reversing their Hashimoto’s diagnosis. 


Every day that I'm in the office, I'm in conversation with practitioners like you about their struggles...


...The struggle to build their practice...


...The struggle to get new clients...


...The struggle against constant exhaustion and overwhelm...


...and the struggle to do it all so you can fulfill your practice dreams!

Sunny- The Nutrition and Herbal Collective

I know what you’re going through. I was there once! And that’s why I created The Prosperous Practitioner Formula course. 


It’s something I put my whole heart, soul, attention, and energy into because I see the need for a clearcut roadmap to building your nutrition practice. 


Instead of more frustration over failed marketing attempts, more late nights trying the new thing that you just know is going to work, more aimlessly posting on social media hoping for different results with the same strategy, and more hitting your head against the wall - you need someone to take your hand and show you what you really need to do to get on the right path to gaining clarity, consistency, and confidence in your marketing efforts. 


Today I’m inviting you to join me and a close-knit group of practitioners with a desire to have a thriving practice into an exclusive community that’s all about using real tools, real solutions, and gaining real, lasting results to building your nutrition practice. 


So...ready to build that practice you dreamed of? 




Refund Policy - Refunds: Due to the digital nature of this product, there are no refunds after purchase. Read the full terms and conditions here.

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