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Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Collaborating with Doctors. Nutritionists and Doctors make great partners. Nutritionists provide the guidance and coaching on diet and lifestyle that clients need to improve and even reverse disease. Many doctors value nutrition but don’t have the time or training to provide that in their practice. In this video, we explore the 5 key tips to have successful conversation and collaborations with doctors.

1) Stay in your lane – Don’t try to be an expert in medicine. Be aware of your scope.

2) Know your audience – Do market research. What is the docctor’s niche? training? Who is on their medical team? Any affiliations?

3) Remember doctors are people – Doctors have families and eat dinner. They get too busy to prep healthy meals too.

4) Be clear and specific about your request - Why are you reaching out? Do you want to discuss a mutual patient? Get referrals? Request lab testing?

5) Each client is a networking opportunity – Share your client notes with your client’s medical team. Sharing SOAP or ADIME notes or your report of findings is a great way to build your referral network. Don’t forget to get permission from your client first!

In our TNHC Mentorship Program we provide our interns with networking letters and guidance on navigating these relationships and networking!

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