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Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Don’t let Technology be a Barrier for Success

When I started clinical practice, I used paper and pencil to take notes and write recommendations and I had a client file.

When I started mentoring CNS interns, we sat around my living room discussing cases.

Now I am 98% online. I use EHR (electronic health records) and I use Zoom for client and intern sessions. Tech supports the practice of nutrition virtually. Tech also supports being HIPAA compliant as a nutritionist.

I would give myself a B grade on my tech savviness. There is room for growth. And I have learned a lot along the way.

Tinker with Technology

Think about something you feel confident playing with and failing. Like for me it’s in the kitchen. I have spent a lot of time playing in the kitchen. I have tried things that failed and I have tried things that were home runs. I give myself that space.

Technology (aka EHR or Google Workspace) deserve the same space and time for creative tinkering. Don’t wait until the deadline is looming. Give yourself time to tinker and to explore when you don’t have a deadline breathing down your neck. Teaching my mom the computer, I reminded her, your computer is not going to blow up.

Shift in language

Don’t say I am not tech savvy. Say, I am a beginner with xxx. Be specific. Don’t label yourself bad at all things tech related. Remind yourself about all the things you mastered already like texting, email, using a computer, school and online learning. And what else? Celebrate your wins.

Google Workspace

In our Mentorship Program at TNHC, we use Google Workspace. It is basically like an online filing cabinet. Watch the video to learn some useful tips on how to…

Search Google Workspace

Add a shortcut to your drive

Color your folders

Double check your login


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