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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: May 23

Frequently asked questions nutrition mentorship program and cns exam prep

Find answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about our personalized CNS mentorship program, CNS exam prep course, SPE requirements, and more.

How can I get hours for the CNS Supervised Practice Experience?
How many supervised hours can I acquire in any given month?
Can I obtain all 1,000 hours through your program?
What hours does TNHC provide?
Does TNHC provide clients?
How long will it take me to complete the internship?
Are meetings recorded?
What states do you supervise in?
Can I join the Mentorship Program or CNS Test Prep Course even though I’m not located in the U.S.?
Can you mentor me if I’m located in North Carolina?
Where can I set up a call to learn more?
When should I apply for the program?
What is the best time to start my internship? Can I start your program if I haven’t finished my degree yet?
Is there an opportunity for a “mini-mentorship” without joining the whole program? Can I do any of the courses individually without joining the Mentorship Program?
Can I get a refund for the CNS Prep Course once I start the Mentorship Program because it is included?
Why is supervision & mentorship important?

The Nutrition & Herbal Collective is a nurturing community offering personalized mentorship and CNS supervision for nutrition graduates. We train nutritionists in evidence-based and functional nutrition practice, building the skills towards successfully starting a nutrition private practice. We help the nutrition student meet their SPE requirements, pass the CNS exam and earn the Certified Nutrition Specialist credential. Read more about all our program has to offer.


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