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Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Marketing is one of the most important things that you can do for your budding nutrition practice. But, there’s an art to it.

If you’re trying to market to everyone as a generalized practitioner, you’re not really going to market very well. Marketing is speaking to a consumer of a product or service. When you market your nutrition practice, you have to market directly to those that need your services.

But….you have to know what they think they need first.

That’s important to remember. If you try to tell them the things that you want to tell them, the message will be lost. But, if you tell them the answer to the things they’re looking for, they’re going to dive deeper into what you’re offering because you’re answering their questions.

Here’s an example. I market to women with Hashimoto’s. Their greatest concerns are unexplained weight gain with an inability to lose weight and chronic fatigue. There are a ton of other issues and symptoms happening. If I spent my time marketing to balancing their immune system or healing their bodies from the inside out, that message would be lost. Because that’s not what they’re outright looking for. Do they want to feel better and get a handle on their body? Sure. But I need to market to their greatest concerns to help them understand this.

Inside The Prosperous Practitioner Formula, we spent a lot of time focusing on understanding their target market. During the very first week, we had course members diving into their niche and ideal client after waffling back and forth for years. It’s hard to narrow down a niche because you feel like you’ll exclude people…but you won’t!

You ask clients to commit to you…you need to commit to them. And you do that first by niching! Stick around to hear more marketing wins from inside The Prosperous Practitioner Formula!


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