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  1. Walking the dogs every morning outside

This wellness habit started in the pandemic when we were mostly at home with nowhere to go.  We walked every morning. Then we got 1 dog, and he joined us.   Then we got a 2nd dog and now my husband and I each take a dog.  Now my day does not feel complete without getting outside first thing in the morning.  We walk in cold weather, rain, snow or shine.   This habit gets me moving, early morning sunlight to regulate circadian rhythm and sleep.  And now I practice pairing another new habit with this old habit.  I.e. podcast for learning or Marco Polo to stay connected to friends.

  1. The Veggie Box

This is another wellness practice that started during the pandemic.  When there was a question of food availability I joined a CSA with a local farmer, Danny at Full Circle Farm.  He had just lost his restaurant clients and was grateful for the business. Four years later we still love getting Danny’s veggies on our doorstop every Thursday.  We eat local, mostly organic, seasonal veggies and fruits every week.  I have branched out and have a much bigger repertoire of veggies than I did before our veggie box.  I don’t like to waste food, so it helps me make an effort to eat more veggies.

  1. Gratitude Journal

I just started keeping a gratitude journal. It is new and I don’t do it EVERY day, but I do it as often as I can, and it helps me with an attitude adjustment.  It helps me shift into an attitude of gratitude.  Particularly when stress gets high, or I am overly focused on my to do list or become a little glass half empty if sleep is not optimal. 

  1. Kirtan Kriya 

I knew I needed to meditate for years and years, 20 years+.  It felt like …I should meditate.  But should-ing myself, does not motivate.  I never got into meditation.    Finally, one day, I was curious and wanted to experiment and try this form of meditation – Kirtan Kriya – known for brain health.  I had just recommended it to a client, and he had questions, so I thought I better do some personal research.  It turns out I like meditating.  I love how an attitude of curiosity helped me shift into something I was resistant to for years. 

  1. Eat not just for health but also for pleasure.

About 20 years ago I went on my own personal exploration around my relationship to food.  I realized that for me, restriction leads to unhealthy eating habits.  If I restrict, I tend to overeat.  So, it is important for me to eat fun foods with moderation. This includes my morning coffee.  Making pizza once a week as a family.  Enjoying new restaurants.  Eating dark chocolate.  The fun food habits bring context to my colorful, whole food, protein-packed, high vegetable consumption. Also, I don’t get bored with my food.


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