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Personalized mentorship

a plethora of resources for your internship experience...


Internship & Exam Prep 

the Nutrition & Herbal Collective is a supportive nurturing community. 

  • We have hearts to help people.  

  • We offer personalized supervision for the CNS credential. 

  • We help nutritionists create fulfilling practices and serve the larger community

  • We support diversity of philosophy and practice. 

  • We train nutritionists in evidence-based and functional nutrition practice.  

  • We help CNS candidates complete their 1,000 hours and pass the CNS exam

Salad in a Jar
TNHC Educational Programs

Our Seasoned Practitioner Course offers integrative & functional nutrition training for nutritionists getting board certified by the BCNS.

The Nutrition & herbal collective; Rebecca Snow; how to get certified nutrition specialist; internship nutritionist;  CNS supervisor; CNS mentorship; CNS itnernship
TNHC Mentorship Program

We help nutrition interns become CNS certified, complete their  internship and CNS exam; and learn how to start a nutrition business

The Nutrition & Herbal Collective; nutrition practice questions; CNS exam questions;  CNS exam study guide
The Nutrition & Herbal Collective; CNS Prep Course; CNS Exam Studty Guide

Our 3-month self-paced virtual course provides a CNS study guide, study tips, study groups and CNS exam practice questions.  


  • Three Reasons I Use Nutrigenomics in Clinical Practice with Keren Dolan
    Three Reasons I Use Nutrigenomics in Clinical Practice with Keren Dolan
    Thu, Jun 20
    Facebook Live
    Jun 20, 2024, 2:00 PM EDT
    Facebook Live
    Jun 20, 2024, 2:00 PM EDT
    Facebook Live
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Abbey Walsh CNS, the nutrition & herbal collective, nutritionist education; Nutrition mentorship; intern nutritionist

When I was considering pursuing the CNS credential after I had been out of school for over 5 years I was incredibly nervous. I knew I had a lot of knowledge to brush up on, and I wasn't sure I could manage it with my overstretched schedule. From my very first meeting with Rebecca I knew I had made the right decision. She has a special way of highlighting your strengths to build confidence, while simultaneously gathering an understanding of your weaknesses as a clinician in order to help you grow. I have loved watching the program evolve while being an intern over the past year. This is a uniquely valuable internship with multiple supervisors bringing their own skills and strengths to the table. From business planning, to effectively coaching clients, and the outpouring of knowledge they all share--it's truly been priceless for me. 

—  Abbey Walsh, MS, CNS, LDN

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