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Updated: Jun 20

When first opening the doors to your private nutrition practice, it can be a bit scary. You’re not sure if people are going to come even though you have high hopes that they do!

Marketing is a big part of attracting potential clients to your business. But how do you start marketing? Do you get business cards and a phone number and hope that people start calling you?

It used to be that way but marketing has changed immensely in the last 5 years. The absolute best way to know if what you’re doing is bringing people into your business is to track statistics.

Marketing Statistics

Tracking what you do will help you understand where you need to focus your marketing efforts. If you don’t track, how will you know…

  • How people are finding out about you and your services, and

  • Whether or not they’re booking a session with you after you’ve had that initial contact with them

These are two of the primary statistics that you should be tracking early in your business.

How Are They Finding You

The easiest way to figure out how people are finding you is to ask. You can create a form that the potential client completes prior to your free call. On this form, you ask, “How did you hear about (insert name or business name)?” And then give them options.

I use Practice Better in my practice. So, I have this set up like so…

  • A client requests a strategy call (a free 20-minute consultation)

  • During the booking process, they must complete the strategy call form I’ve created

  • This form asks the following questions:

    • Name

    • Phone Number

    • Email

    • State of Current Residence

    • How did you hear about me?

    • What would you like to discuss during the call?

  • They complete their booking and I have their fom

The form helps guide the session but it also gives me helpful information to know if I’m marketing to the right people but also in the right location.

If I’m focusing my marketing efforts on Instagram but everyone I talk to is from Facebook, then I’m not maximizing my time.

Did they book a session?

The other important statistic to track is to understand whether they book an initial consultation. And if they didn’t, why?

In the video below, I walk through an easy to create a spreadsheet that you can use in your practice to help understand why people may not be moving to the next step. This will help you hone your phone skills.

Click below to watch the full video and grab all the details on what statistics to track. When you’re finished, leave a comment letting me know what you’re going to start tracking in your business.

Business Statistics Video

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