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Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Anytime you write any type of copy for anything…blogs, website, promotional material, emails, etc…you want to ensure that you’re doing some homework first. Finding the correct words to use in your copy is what’s going to build that ever-important know, like, and trust.

But what are the correct words? These are the words that your audience is searching for when they’re looking for answers on how to solve their problems. For instance, most people aren’t going to search for estrogen dominance. But, instead, they may search for things like heavy periods, PMS, remedies for cramping, and other such terms. If you were to write a blog about estrogen dominance but didn’t include any of the actual words that people searched for, your blog wouldn’t be very popular on Google.

So, how do you find those keywords?

There are a few places where you can begin your search:

  • Google Keyword Planner is a favorite of mine. This tells you the exact words that people are searching for and how many people are searching for those words.

  • Answer the public is another option. You only are allowed three (3) searches per day. But you can switch to your phone and do a few more as needed. This shows what questions people are typing into Google.

  • Google Trends is another option. You can type in a word and it will tell you how many people are searching for this word and their location. It defaults to the last 12-months but you can narrow this down. I typed in IBS and found that over 100 people Google something related to IBS each day. Google Trends also shows related searches. Related searches for IBS were “Culturelle IBS,” “IBS symptoms in women,” and “IBS symptoms in men.”

Another option is to use Reddit. While it won’t give you specific keywords, you can certainly read some threads and start to see some trends or commonalities in the words those in the groups are using to describe their symptoms or when asking questions.

The more words you can use that your audience uses, the more you can connect with them.


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