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You’ve invested countless hours and dollars mastering the clinical side of nutrition. Now, you're ready to build a thriving practice and use your expertise to make a difference.

But how do you attract clients?

When I speak with nutritionists about marketing, I often see a deer-in-the-headlights look.

Marketing your business is just as crucial as honing your clinical skills. After all, if you’re not marketing, who are you really helping?

If the idea of selling makes you want to run for the hills, I’m here to guide you.

Here are three powerful marketing strategies to help you attract your ideal clients while staying true to yourself.

  1. Recognize the worth and value of your work. Believe in what you have to offer. Selling only feels yucky if you are selling something you don’t believe in. I want you to imagine the huge impact you will have in people's lives, and shift from the idea of selling to knowing you are offering a service. A service that changes lives. Selling is an act of service. Millions of people need you, right now, out in the world just waiting to find you. Selling is nothing more than letting those people know you exist, you are open for business and ready to help.

  1. People buy from people. Period. We are not in an industry where we can be faceless salesmen of random widgets. We are in the business of people. Allow your audience to get to know who you are, not just what you offer, but who you are behind the scenes. Share your passions, your joy, your quirks. Be you and you will attract the right people to your business. 

  1. Position your offer as a transformation statement, where is your ideal client now and where do they want to go? How can you help get them there? This is where testimonials can be so valuable. Encourage satisfied clients to share their positive experiences through testimonials and reviews. Authentic feedback from real people can significantly influence potential clients. Positive testimonials reflect your reliability and the quality of your care, helping to build credibility and trust. Focus the testimonials on the transformation, where did the client begin, and what was the transformation after working with you.

As one of our leaders on authentic marketing for nutritionists and a regular supervisor of our Practice-building Working Group, Abra Pappa is a CNS Supervisor and nutrition mentor with 19 years of experience in the field.  Abra is a clinical nutritionist, CEO of multiple wellness businesses, including a hit food blog, and corporate wellness program.  Abra specializes in eating disorders and related digestive and hormonal imbalances.  Come meet the supervisors of our internship for nutrition students, and learn about who they are.

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